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Historic Diversion File - Monthly (*.ddh)

The monthly historic diversion file is used by the baseflow module to estimate Base flows at gaged and ungaged locations. It is used by the report module to compare simulated results to gaged observations. This file is read by subroutine VIRGEN.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i5,1x,i4,5x,i5,1x,i4,a5,a5)
1-1 ibm Beginning month of data (e.g. 1 = Jan)
1-2 iby Beginning year of data (e.g. 1975)
1-3 iem Ending month of data
1-4 iey Ending year of data
1-5 cunit Units of data ('ACFT' or 'CFS')
1-6 cyr Year type
'CYR' = calendar year (1-12)
'WYR' = water year (10-9)
'IYR' = irrigation year (11-12)
Time Series Data
2 Format (i4, 1x, a12, 12f8.0)
2-1 idyr Year
2-2 cistat Demand station ID
2-3 diverm(1-12,1) Recorded diversions for months 1-12

Repeat for the number of demand structures provided in the structure file

Repeat for each year of the simulation