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River Network File (*.rin)

The river network file is used to describe the river basin of interest. The network (.net) diagram is typically created in StateDMI, then commands are used to convert the diagram to the river network “flat file” formate. Note, the last downstream node should be blank. This file is read by subroutine DATINP*.

Row-data Variable Description
1 Format (a12, a24, a12, 1x, a12, 1x, f8.0)
1-1 cstaid(1) River node ID
1-2 stanam(i,1) Station name
1-3 cstadn(1) Downstream node. Note leave blank for the end of the network or for a tributary with a futile call
1-4 comment(1) Comment reserved for structure at this location
1-5 gwmaxr(1) Variable maximum recharge limit (cfs). Only used when variable iwell of the control file (*.ctl) is set to 3.

Repeat for the number of river nodes.