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Data Check Output Files

There are eight (8) standard output files from the Data Check Module

  1. Base Flow File (*.xcb)

  2. Direct Demand File (*.xcd)

  3. Instream Demand File (*.xci)

  4. Well Demand File (*.xcw)

  5. Water Right List file (*.xwr)

  6. Output Request File (*.xou)

  7. Reach File (*.xrh)

  8. Log File (*.log)

The first four files describe the base flow, direct flow demand, instream flow demand and well demand at each river node, respectively. The water right list file is the same as that produced by the Report Module. The Output Request file provides a list of structures which may be used as an input file for data requests by structure. The Reach file provides a list of structure which may be used as an input file for data requests by reach.

The Log File (*.log) contains a log of the data check module's operation. The log file contains important information for the user; it is recommended the user review the log file and understand and/or address if necessary any warnings after each model execution. Additionally, if the model fails to execute, the log file provides information as to why the model will not execute to completion.