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In-Priority Supply (ityopr=43)

The type 43 operating rule provides a method to supply a T&C requirement or a Well Augmentation Requirement if the amount owed in the current time step occurs in priority. The following are noted:

  • In order to determine if future pumping depletions can be satisfied In-Priority a well must be tied to an augmentation plan (see Section 4.49)
  • The amount of water pumped and its associated depletion over time is reported as part of a standard plan output (*.xpl). Source 1 of this report is reserved for In_Priority_Supply_Now (depletions that occur in priority in the month pumped). Source ā€˜nā€™ will report in-priority depletions (depletions that occur at a time step after the pumping) if an In-Priority Supply (type 43) operating rule is specified.
  • Pumping is determined to be In-Priority in the time step it occurs if there is water available in the stream to offset any net depletion at that time. Therefore, it is allocated at the administration number of the well and is not controlled by this operating rule.
  • T&C requirement is determined to be In-Priority in the time step it occurs if there is water available in the stream to offset any net depletion at that time. It is allocated at the administration number in this operating rule.
  • In-Priority Depletions associated with pumping in a prior time step occur if there is water available in the stream to offset the depletion when they occur at the river. Because future depletions are stored by augmentation plan, not well, this determination is made at the administration number assigned to this In-Priority Supply Operating Rule (type 43).
  • It is impractical to determine if future depletions are In-Priority using the administration number of each well because there are often thousands of wells being modeled and future depletions often extend over 20 years. In addition, this estimate is considered appropriate for a planning model because wells are typically junior to most direct flow and storage rights.
  • The administration number assigned to an In-Priority Supply Operating Rule (type 43) is typically a decree weighted average priority of the wells associated with the well augmentation plan. The decree weighted average priority is calculated as follows:


\(Admin_{Ave}\) is the weighted average administration number

\(WR(j)\) is the decreed water right for well \(j\)

\(Admin(j)\) is the administration number of well \(j\)

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (a12, a24, 12x, 4x, f12.5, f8.0, i8, 3(1x,a12,i8), i8, 1x,a12, 1x,a12, 1x,2f8.0, 2i8)
1-1 cidvri(1) Operational right ID
1-2 nameo(1) Operational right name
1-3 rtem(1) Administration number
1-4 dumx Monthly Switch
0 = No monthly on/off values
12 = Monthly on/off switches
1-5 ioprsw(1) Annual On/Off Switch
0 = off
1 = on
+n = Begin in year n
-n = Stop after year n
Destination Data
1-6 ciopde Well Augmentation Plan or Term and Condition Plan
1-7 iopdes(2,1) 0
Supply Data
1-8 ciopso(1) NA
1-9 iopsou(2,1) 0
1-10 ciopso(2) NA
1-11 iopsou(4,1) 0
Type Data
1-12 ityopr(1) 43
Associated Plan Data
1-13 creuse NA
Diversion Type
1-14 cdivtyp NA
Conveyance Loss (%)
1-15 OprLoss 0
Miscellaneous Limits
1-16 OprLimit 0
Start Date
1-17 IoBeg First year of operation
End Date
1-18 IoEnd Last year of operation
Monthly Data
2 Free Format (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 12 or less than -12)
2-1 imonsw(1) Monthly switch 0 = off, 1 = on
+n = Day first used that month
-n = Day last used that month
Note the first entry corresponds to the first month specified in the control file