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Downstream Call File (*.cal)

The downstream call file is used in conjunction with a downstream call operating rule type 23. See Section 4.13.23 for a description of this operating rule. This file is typically only used for a daily application. Therefore, when StateMod is executed in a monthly mode the call specified on day 1 is used to represent the monthly call. Note that this file is currently formatted to match an example file provided by the user that requested its implementation. Therefore some data contained in that file (e.g. calling structure, priority date) is not used by StateMod. For a monthly analysis this file is read by subroutine MDAINP. For a daily analysis this file is read by subroutine DAYEST.

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (i5,1x,i4,5x,i5,1x,i4,a5,a5)
1-1 ibm Beginning month of data (e.g. 1 = Jan)
1-2 iby Beginning year of data (e.g. 1975)
1-3 iem Ending month of data
1-4 iey Ending year of data
1-5 cunit Units of data ('NA')
1-6 cyr Year type
'CYR' = calendar year (1-12)
'WYR' = water year (10-9)
'IYR' = irrigation year (11-12)
Call Data
1 Free Format
2-1 icy1 Year
2-2 icm1 Month
2-3 icd1 Day
2-4 dcall1 Administration number of calling right

Repeat for the number of days in simulation