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Plan Summary File (*.xpl)

The Plan Summary File (*.xpl) is a standard output when a Plan structure type is used. The report describes structure data related to a plan including its type, ID and Source. In addition it describes any operating rules that may use the plan (Use) or provide water to the plan (Src) and whether or not the operating rule tied to that plan is turned on. Note if a plan source is not turned on, an operating rule that uses that plan as a source has its status reported as โ€œoffโ€ and a warning is provided in the log file. The data printed to a plan depends on the type of plan specified; plan types are listed below.

Type 1- Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Type 2 - Well Augmentation

Type 3 - Reuse to a Reservoir

Type 4 - Reuse to a Diversion

Type 7 - Import Plan

Type 8 - Recharge (reservoir or canal seepage

Type 9 - Out-of-Priority Diversion or Storage

Type 10 - Special Well Augmentation

Type 11 - Accounting Plan

Type 12 - Release Limit Plan

Type 13 - Changed Water Right Plan