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Direct Reservoir Release as an Augmentation Supply

StateMod allows augmentation requirements to be met by reservoir releases either directly or via exchange. This operation generally occurs when a portion of the reservoir water right is decreed for augmentation, among other uses, and the reservoir can release to meet remaining augmentation requirements. The approach below assumes the reservoir is already included in the model; see the Add a Reservoir section for more information on adding a reservoir to the model.

  1. In the operating rule (*.opr) file, include a Plan/Reservoir Reuse to Plan by Direct or Exchange (Type 48 and 49) operating rule in order to release water from a reservoir to offset an augmentation requirement.
    • The source in this rule is the reservoir and the destination is the augmentation plan; use more than one operating rule to release from more than one account.
  2. Review the plan summary (*.xpl) file, operating rule summary (*.xop), and reservoir summary (*.xre) file for the release amount used to offset the augmentation requirement.