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Replacement Reservoir File (*.xrp)

The Replacement Reservoir File (*.xrp) is a standard output when a Replacement Reservoir (type 10) operating rule is specified. It was developed to provide detailed replacement reservoir operation information. It is particularly useful when more than one replacement reservoir is operational. Note that a release may not equal a diversion if the release is limited to the structures consumptive use. This “Depletion” Vs “Diversion” option is implemented by structure using variable ireptyp in the diversion station (*.dds) file.

# Column Description
0 Structure ID Structure ID (diversion or well)
1 Year Year of the simulation
2 Mo Month of the simulation
3 Iter Iteration
4 Call Counter to Replace Subroutine per time step
5 Opr ID Operational Right ID
6 Type Type of Release (Direct or Exchange)
7 Source ID Replacement Reservoir
8 Source Name Replacement Reservoir Name
9 Destin. ID Destination Diversion ID
10 Destin. Name Destination Diversion Name
11 Release Reservoir release
12 Tot-Rel Total Reservoir Release
13 Divert Water diverted
14 Tot-Div Total diversion
15 DepAdj Depletion Adjustment
16 Rel% Release %
17 Divo Total diverted by this operating right this time step
18 ishort Shortage indicator 0 = none, 1 = yes