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Reach Reporting

Selected State Model reports have the capability to summarize results by stream reach including the diversion comparison (*.xdc), the stream comparison (*.xsc), the reservoir comparison (*.xrc), and the well comparison (*.xwc). In addition a water budget by reach is automatically generated whenever a water budget (*.xwb) is generated. To facilitate reach processing the following are noted:

  • As defined herein, a stream reach is simply an aggregation of structures located within a geographic region of the network.
  • As described in Section 4.53 the preliminary Reach Data file contains two components; Reach Data and Node Data. Reach data is used to define how one stream reach is connected to another. Node data is used to assign a stream (river) node to a stream reach.
  • To eliminate the need to build a Reach Data file, a preliminary one (*.xrh) is generated by the check option (-check) for every structure in the system when a river gage (*.rig) file is provided (see Section 4.4.1). If a river gage (*.rig) file is not provided the Check option assigns one to define preliminary stream reaches. If one is not provided no reach data is generated.
  • The default name for the preliminary file created by the check option is *.xrh. This preliminary file is commonly revised in an editor to reassign the Reach Data connectivity. In addition sub reaches may be defined to represent structures not bounded by a stream gage. After editing, the Reach Data file is typically renamed to *.rch to avoid it being overwritten every time a new check run is made.