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Response File (*.rsp)

The response file contains the names of all other data files required to run the model. This file is read by subroutine StateM. Note, that Version 10.30 and greater allows a user to enter response file data using one of two formats; random and sequential. StateMod reads the first file type and based on the occurrence of the character = in the first file name it determines if the file is random (contains a =) or sequential (does not contain a =).

The random file approach allows file names to be entered in any order as described below under Random Response Format. Any file type that is not required for a simulation is simply not included. Also any file name may be commented out by including a # character in column 1. Its format is described in the table below (Random Response Format). For a description of the sequential, old, format see the section 9.0 Discontinued but Supported File Formats.

Note that model output files takes on the name of the response (*.rsp) file; the user is encouraged to manage different model runs using descriptive response file naming conventions.

File Descriptor File Type Standard Suffix
Control = Control File *.ctl
River_Network = River Network File *.rin
River_Gage = River Gage File *.rig
Reservoir_Station = Reservoir Station *.res
Diversion_Station = Diversion Station *.dds
StreamGage_Station = Stream Gage Station *.ris
Instreamflow_Station = Instream Flow Station *.ifs
Well_Station = Well Station *.wes
Instreamflow_Right = Instream Flow Right *.ifr
Reservoir_Right = Reservoir Right *.rer
Diversion_Right = Diversion Right *.ddr
Operational_Right = Operational Right *.opr
Well_Right = Well Right *.wer
Precipitation_Monthly = Precipitation Monthly *.prc
Precipitation_Annual = Precipitation Annual *.pra
Evaporation_Monthly = Evaporation Monthly *.evm
Evaporation_Annual = Evaporation Annual *.eva
Stream_Base Monthly = Baseflow Monthly .rim/.xbm
Diversion_Demand_Monthly = Diversion Demand Monthly *.ddm
Diversion_Demand_AverageMonthly = Diversion Demand Annual *.dda
Diversion_DemandOverride_Monthly = Diversion Override Monthly *.ddo
Instreamflow_Demand_Monthly = Inst. Flow Demand Monthly *.ifm
Instreamflow_Demand_AverageMonthly = Inst. Flow Demand Ave. Monthly *.ifa
Well_Demand_Monthly = Well Demand Monthly *.wem
DelayTable_Monthly = Delay Table Monthly *.dly
Reservoir_Target_Monthly = Reservoir Target Monthly *.tar
Reservoir_Return = Reservoir Seepage Return Data *.rrf
IrrigationPractice_Yearly = Irrigation Practice Yearly *.ipy
ConsumptiveWaterRequirement_Monthly = Irrigation Water Req. Monthly .iwr/.ddc
StateCU_Structure = StateCU Structure (AWC) file *.str
Reservoir_Historic_Monthly = Reservoir Historic Monthly *.eom
StreamEstimate_Coefficients = Stream Estimate Coefficients *.rib
StreamGage_Historic_Monthly = Stream Gage Historic Monthly *.rih
Diversion_Historic_Monthly= Diversion Historic Monthly *.ddh
Well_Historic_Monthly = Well Historic Monthly *.weh
OutputRequest = Output Request *.out
Stream_Base_Daily = Stream Base Daily *.rid
Diversion_Demand_Daily = Direct Flow Demand Daily *.ddd
Instreamflow_Demand_Daily = Instream Flow Demand Daily *.ifd
Well_Demand_Daily = Well Demand Daily *.wed
Reservoir_Target_Daily = Reservoir Target Daily *.tad
DelayTable_Daily = Delay Table Daily *.dld
ConsumptiveWaterRequirement_Daily = Irrigation Water Req. Daily *.iwd
StreamGage_Historic_Daily = StreamGage Historic Daily *.riy
Diversion_Historic_Daily = Diversion Historic Daily *.ddy
Well_Historic_Daily = Well Historic Daily *.wey
Reservoir_Historic_Daily = Reservoir Historic Daily *.eoy
Downstream_Call = Downstream Call *.cal
RioGrande_Spill_Monthly = Rio Grande Spill file *.rgs
San_Juan_Recovery = San Juan Recovery Data *.sjr
GeographicInformation = Geographic Information1 *.gis
Network = Network File1 *.net
Plan_Data = Plan Data *.pln
Plan_Wells = Plan Well Augmentation Data *.plw
Plan_Return = Plan Return Data *.prf
Reach_Data = Reach Report Data *.rch

  1. The Geographic Information (*.gis) and Network (*.net) files are not used by StateMod. However, if included, they allow the StateMod GUI to use them for presentation.