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SmDelay StateMod Delay File Program

The StateMod Delay File Program (SmDelay) allows a daily StateMod delay file (*.dly or *.urD) to be created from an existing StateMod monthly delay file (*.dly or *.urM). The approach used to estimate daily data is to construct a pattern by connecting the midpoints of monthly data. The result is a smooth daily estimate.

To execute SmDelay the user simply types: SmDelay flname.rsp where flname.rsp is a response file that that includes the name of the existing monthly delay file and the name of the new daily delay file to be created. Following is an example:

# smDelay.rsp; 
#   Response file to create a daily delay file from a monthly file
# Name                                                         
rg2005.urM             Existing Monthly delay file
rg2005.urD                      New Daily delay file