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Reservoir with a Reuse Plan to a User by Exchange (ityopr=33)

The type 33 operating rule provides a method to release water from a Reservoir with a Reservoir Reuse plan (type 3 or 5) to a reservoir, direct flow, instream flow or a carrier located upstream of the reservoir, by exchange when the receiving structures return flows can be reused. The amount released may equal the destinations demand (Diversion) or consumption (Depletion). In addition, it can be used to constrain a diversion to the capacity of up to 10 intervening structures or carriers. Note a diversion is implicitly constrained by the capacity of the destination structure (variable ciopde, row-data 1-6).

Row-data Variable Description
Control Data
1 Format (a12, a24, 12x, 4x, f12.5, f8.0, i8, 3(1x,a12,i8), i8, 1x,a12, 1x,a12, 1x,2f8.0, 2i8)
1-1 cidvri(1) Operational right ID
1-2 nameo(1) Operation right name
1-3 rtem(1) Administration number
1-4 dumx Monthly and Intervening Structure Switch
+n = Number of intervening structures (max = 10)
-n = Include -12 monthly on/off values minus n intervening structures
Note, when a negative value is provided, it should be -13 or less for 12 monthly values and one intervening structure
1-5 ioprsw(1) Annual On/Off Switch
0 = off
1 = on
+n = Begin in year n
-n = Stop after year n
Destination Data
1-6 ciopde Destination diversion ID or reservoir ID or Instream Flow node or reach
1-7 iopdes(2,1) Destination structure account
For a diversion destination, enter 1
For a ISF destination, enter 1
For a reservoir destination, enter
+n = Account to be served by this right
-n = Fill the first n accounts based on the ratio of their ownership
Supply Data
1-8 ciopso(1) Supply reservoir ID
1-9 iopsou(2,1) Supply reservoir account
1-10 ciopso(2) Supply Reservoir Reuse Plan ID
1-11 iopsou(4,1) See Section 7.5 for a discussion of the Reservoir demand options.
0 = Reservoir demand is not adjusted
+n = Reservoir demand is limited to not exceed CIR/n; where n (%) is the efficiency of reservoir water use that is limited to not exceed the max system efficiency. Note a +n requires the variable efficiency option (ieffmax) from control file be on
Type Data
1-12 ityopr(1) 33
Associated Plan Data
1-13 creuse Reuse Plan ID for returns (enter NA if none)
Diversion Type
1-14 cdivtyp Diversion or Depletion
Conveyance Loss (%)
1-15 OprLoss 0
Miscellaneous Limits
1-16 OprLimit 0
Start Date
1-17 IoBeg First year of operation
End Date
1-18 IoEnd Last year of operation
Monthly Data
2 Free Format (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 12 or less than -12)
2-1 imonsw(1) Monthly switch 0 = off, 1 = on
+n = Day first used that month
-n = Day last used that month
Note the first entry corresponds to the first month specified in the control file
Intervening Structure Data without loss
3 Format (36x, 10a12) (Include only if the variable (dumx) = 1-10 or < -12 )
3-1 intern(1,1) For +dumx, Enter dumx intervening structure ID's
For -dumx, Enter abs(dumx)-12 intervening structure ID's