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River Station File (*.ris)

The river station file is used to describe the name and location of nodes where baseflows are known. Baseflows typically consist of streamflow gages (which have a historical time series in the historical stream flow file (*.rih)) and other nodes which have a base flow estimated using information in the base flow data file (*.rib). The number and order of entries corresponds to the Stream flow file. This file is read by subroutine DATINP.

Row-data Variable Description
Station Data
1 Format (a12, a24, a12, 1x, a12)
1-1 crunid(1) Stream station ID
1-2 runnam(i,1) Station name
1-3 cgoto(1) River node with a stream gage
1-4 crunidy(1) Daily Stream station ID (for daily model only). See Section 7.17 for a detailed discussion.
Enter Stream station ID (crunid) if daily data will be provided for this station. Monthly data controls. Enter another stream station ID to use the daily distribution of another but weight values by the monthly total in *.rim file
Enter 0 to use the average daily value from the monthly total in the *.rim file. Monthly data controls.
Enter 3 to use the daily value provided in the daily river (*.rid) file. Daily data controls.
Enter 4 to use a daily pattern developed by connecting the midpoints of monthly data. Monthly data controls.

Repeat for the number of stream gages