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Soil Moisture Implementation

  1. In the control file (*.ctl), set the soil moisture switch (soild) to a number greater than 0 that represents a typical soil zone depth in feet (e.g. 3.0 feet).
  2. In the control file (*.ctl), set the annual time series file switch (itsfile) to 10. As described in the control file documentation, an entry of 10 allows variable efficiency and other more complex water use data to be used.
  3. If not already created in support of a StateCU model scenario, create a structure file which includes a representative available water capacity (AWC) parameter for each structure in the scenario. The structure file is a primary input to the StateCU model; see the StateCU User’s Manual for information on the format and content of this file.
  4. Include the StateCU Structure file (*.str) in the response file (*rsp).
  5. In the operating rule file (*.opr), add a Type 22 operating rule that provides the administration number to control when water is available to be taken out of the soil zone to satisfy a consumptive demand.