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Reservoir Summary File (*.xre)

The Reservoir Summary File (*.xre) describes diversion, release, storage and stream flow data at river nodes that contain a reservoir. The header describes the reservoir ID, account and name. In addition, it describes the administration number, on/off switch, owner, and decreed amount for each water right located at this river node. It then contains a time series for the following:

# Column Description
0 River ID River node ID
0 Account Reservoir account (0 is the total)
0 Year Year of the simulation
0 Mo Month of the simulation
1 Initial Storage Storage at the beginning of month
Water Supply From River by
2 Priority Water Supply from the river by a priority diversion standard and Operation type 11 diverting structure)
3 Storage Water Supply from the river by a storage release
4 Other Water Supply from the river by an exchange, water right transfer or plan.
Water Supply From Carrier by
5 Priority Water Supply from a carrier by a priority diversion
6 Other Water Supply from a carrier via a storage release or
7 Total Supply The sum of all water supplies
Water Use from Storage to
8 River for Use Releases for downstream use (Operation type 1 and 2)
9 River for Exc. Releases for exchange (Operation type 4)
10 Carrier for Use Releases to a carrier canal (Operation type 3)
11 Total Release Total of all releases
12 Evap Net evaporation
13 Seep and Spill Seepage and spills
14 EOM Content End of Month Content
15 Target-0 For the total reservoir (account 0) Target Storage
Stor-n Limit for accounts (account n) their storage limit
16 BOM Decree Limit The remaining limit to the one fill rule at the beginning of the month
Station Balance
17 River Inflow The sum of inflows to this node
18 Total Release Total release
19 Total Supply Total reservoir supplies
20 River by Well The depletion caused by a well in this month. Note this term is similar to a diversion in the current month.
21 River Outflow Outflow from this node