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Monthly Binary Well File

StateMod prints a direct access binary well file (*.b42) that describes water supply and use for each well structure. The record length is 92 bytes. Note a typical read statement is as follows:

Read(42,rec=irecs) (dat(i), I=1,ndivw)


\(Irecs\) = the binary record to read

\(iy\) = the year of interest

\(iystr0\) = the starting year

\(im\) = the month of interest

\(numdivw\) = the total number of wells

\(nw\) = the well of interest

\(numtop\) = the total number of header cards

\(dat(i)\) = the data read

\(ndivw\) = the number of well data elements (18)

Fields 1-14 are exactly the same as the Binary Direct Diversion file.

Row-data Variable Description
15-1 dat(1) Total Demand (Total_Demand)
15-2 dat(2) Consumptive Use Demand (CU_Demand)
15-3 dat(3) From Well (From_Well)
15-4 dat(4) From Surface Water (From_SW)
15-5 dat(5) From Soil Moisture (From_Soil)
15-6 dat(6) Total Supply (Total_Supply)
15-7 dat(7) Total Shortage (Total_Short)
15-8 dat(8) Consumptive Use Short (CU_Short)
15-9 dat(9) Total Consumptive Use (Total_CU)
15-10 dat(10) To Soil Moisture (To_Soil)
15-11 dat(11) Total Return (Total_Return)
15-12 dat(12) Loss (Loss)
15-13 dat(13) Total Use (Total_Use)
15-14 dat(14) From River (From_River)
15-15 dat(15) To or From Ground Water Storage (To_From_GW_Storage)
15-16 dat(16) From Salvage (From_Salvage)
15-17 dat(17) From Soil Moisture (From_Soil)
15-18 dat(18) Total Supply (Total_Supply)

Repeat for every well

Repeat for every month of simulation